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Trends and Colors for Spring 2023!

by Sandy Jankovich on March 31, 2023
You may be wondering what hot styles and colors everyone are going to be wearing this Spring
so we'll share in part what the fashionista's at Glamour have to say...
florals, bright solids, soothing pastels, layered patchwork and classic denim.

2023 Style Trend: Oversized Everything

Gen Z has already banished the skinny jean from their closets, and Rayburn thinks they're onto something. With oversized blazers and extra-large shirts trending on the TikTok, Rayburn predicts the oversized trend will only grow in strength next year, with even the bottom of our pants expanding.

So here’s to embracing flared bottoms and wide-leg jeans in 2023.


2023 Style Trend: Sheer Fabrics

Rayburn and fashion stylist Audree Kate Lopez concur: Sheer Fabrics are envogue. “We saw a lot of this pop up in 2022, and it will continue in 2023 with the lace trend, rhinestones, and sheer panels in clothing,” she tells Glamour. With this comes plenty of layering, both on top and underneath.

2023 Style Trend: Minidresses and Skirts

The death of the maxidress has finally arrived, at least according to Rayburn. She’s predicting shorter hems taking over the fashion world next year. “Minidresses, tailored skirts, and skirts with cutouts are all styles I think we’ll see more of,” she says. Yes, this means micro miniskirts are coming back with a vengeance.

2023 Style Trend: Military-Inspired Looks

“Thanks to Bella Hadid, we saw searches for cargo pants increase,” says creative director and stylist Taylor Okata. “We also viewed them on spring 2023 runways, including at Coperni and Diesel, and will probably see more and more of them on the street. Kim agrees, anticipating that styles will evolve past the utility and workwear trends into more military details and colors in surplus basics.


2023 Style Trend: Cowboy Cosplay

Consider it Lil Nas X’s impact. Western fashion trends like wide-brim hats, cowboy boots, and even heavy-duty denim are set to hit in a major way, according to Kim. Even if you buy just one specific piece, like a vintage belt buckle or Emily Ratajkowski's boots. The design director says it’s easy to incorporate this style into your existing wardrobe. 


“I think style will be less focused on the minimal, clean-girl aesthetic and more about having fun and pushing boundaries,” Okata says. “Expect a bit more maximalist styling with ’90s and Y2K references. The current climate is overwhelming, and people are looking to vibe shift—more self-expression and speaking up.” 
In short, next year will be all about expressing your individualism and decking yourself out with everything and anything—even if society thinks it’s all a bit too much. But that’s the fun of fashion:
It can be whatever you want it to be. 
The Fashion Couple agree that next year is all about daring to be different. “As time goes by, it is very evident that people are getting more confident in what they wear,” the experts say. “The fashion game is so full of trends yet so versatile. We do believe people will go out of their usual way to dare to be different.” 
Barros is on board with this opinion, adding that fashion next year will be all about fun: “In 2023 the vibe will be creative, adventurous, and most of all, fun. Colorful clothes, dramatic shapes, and fun prints will be essential in everyone's closet.”

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