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Conceal and Carry Handbag. If you carry, you need a handbag designed to carry your firearm. There is a difference and when seconds count, don't be struggling in the bottom of your regular handbag to find your gun. Know that is tucked away in it's own special compartment with a locking zipper for extra protection around the little ones!

Jessie James Concealed Carry Handbags

Jessie & James Dina Concealed Carry Lock and Key Satchel #AMC23303L


Jessie & James Kate Concealed Carry Lock and Key Satchel with Coin Pouch #C4032L


Jessie & James Cheyanne Concealed Carry Crossbody with Lock and Key #2037


Jessie & James Elle Concealed Carry Hobo Handbag #AMC5803L