All natural perfume, body spray, bath wash and lotions made right here in the USA! No parabens, phthalates or harmful ingredients which is what can make one have headaches or sinus issues with most other perfumes and scented bath and body products. We want to know what ingredients we are putting on our body and those of our loved ones and we think you do too. With Mixologie, you know. Luxurious feel infused with the essential oils harvested from the best gardeners growing houses. Try one item in the Mixologie collection and you will get it!

Mixologie Naturals

Mixologie - Top Shelf Luxury Lotion - Soulful (sheer amber)


Mixologie - Top Shelf Luxury Lotion Inspired (Rose Floral)


Mixologie - Top Shelf Luxury Lotion Risqué (exotic woods)


Mixologie - Daring (Spiked Punch) Blendable Perfume Rollerball