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"Beyond Good" A Chocolate Bar With a Mission

by Sandy Jankovich on November 11, 2022

We were curious as to why Beyond Good Chocolate was so delicious and we uncovered a world of reasons. Let’s just start with the company’s founder, Tim McCollum, who traveled to Madagascar 23 years ago as a Peace Corps volunteer. He got the idea and set out to do something that no other mainstream chocolate brand had mastered: setting up a factory near the cocoa farms themselves, employing the Malagasy people, and training the farming communities to produce high-quality chocolate bars. You see, the biggest issue in the chocolate industry is farmer poverty. By making chocolate at the source and working directly with the farmers, Beyond Good is able to pay them significantly more. We like that!

But why is it so tasty? Beyond Good chocolate is unique because it is a single origin chocolate, which means that the cocoa used to produce their chocolate all comes from one specific place, rather than a blend of cocoa beans from different origins. A single origin chocolate bar tastes unique because of where the cocoa comes from. “Our Madagascar chocolate bars reflect the bright, fruity flavors characteristic of Madagascar cocoa.”

Somewhat unexpectedly, in the process of producing AMAZING chocolate bars, McCollum became involved with wildlife conservation. For the past four years the company has been working with Bristol University in the UK on how cocoa trees could help the lemur population, a species that’s been sadly dwindling in numbers in Madagascar. Since cocoa is a shade crop that enjoys a protective canopy, it can also serve as a home to a variety of wildlife. McCollum has intertwined this effort with the mission of their brand in hope that these cocoa trees could be a part of the solution, providing refuge for the lemurs.

Beyond Good is producing Beyond Good chocolate bars, pioneering a business model that has the power to change the food industry forever, AND is aiding in the rescue efforts of an endangered species…. one yummy chocolate bar at a time! 

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