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How Artisan Soap is Good For Your Skin + How to Select the Right Scent

by Sandy Jankovich on November 11, 2022

Artisan Essential Oil Infused Soap Bars

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Do you love the skin you’re in? Are you concerned about the products you put on your skin and if they are harmful to your health? You should be! Many drug-store soaps and beauty products are chock full of chemicals and scents that mask the smell of the chemicals. Essential oil-infused artisan soap bars are, well, pure and natural soap. Here are just a few of the ways that artisan soap is good for your skin.

What’s Not In It
Soap is meant to clean impurities from your skin, but many bar soaps contain more toxins than they wash away. In fact, most drug store soap is nothing more than a chemical cocktail of toxic detergents. One of the most beneficial features of Artisan soap is what ISN’T in it. Handmade Artisan soap is:
  • No synthetic ingredients or preservatives
  • No artificial fragrances or colors
  • No detergents or toxic chemicals

Artisan Soap is Naturally Nourishing
Just as important as what’s not in Artisan soap bars is what is in it and how it’s made. Using natural oils offers a smoother, more hydrating soap that nourishes your skin. Unlike commercial soap manufacturers that strip out glycerin in the saponification process, artisan soap bars contain naturally made glycerin which helps clean and hydrates your skin for a silky smooth feel. 
Essential Oil Infusion
Handmade Artisan soap bars are infused with natural essential oils to offer a variety of soothing scents. Paired with the natural scents the soap already contains, you get to enjoy a rich scent that leaves you feeling refreshed. Essential oils offer a subtle smell that provides their own health and wellness benefits without overpowering your senses. The only difficult task is deciding which essential oil scent to select!
How to Select Your Scent
Essential oils offer a variety of health and wellness benefits and elicit different reactions and responses. For instance, lavender is known to help people relax, peppermint is known to support respiratory and digestive health, and citrus scents are powerful mood and energy boosters.
At Simply Amazing Boutique, we are excited to carry essential oil-infused artisan soap bars including, Surfs UP, Finchberry, Cashmere, La Terre, and more. Visit our online store to browse all of our soap bars and discover your new favorite soap!

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