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LIVE OUTLAW! The Story Behind Outlaw Soaps

by Sandy Jankovich on November 11, 2022

Danielle and Russ Vincent, founders of Outlaw, discovered a ragged-edged bar of homemade soap in a little farm store on their honeymoon and the rest is Outlaw Soaps history. Every morning after their honeymoon, as Danielle was getting ready for work, traffic, and the daily grind, she would set her sniffer to that little bar of soap and be immediately swept back to that charming little farm store. She began to wonder what else she might be transported back to with the right scents. So, Danielle and Russ set out on the task to find every scent that inspired delightful memories for them, like the rich leather smell of a saddle shop, the smokey scent of a campfire, the sweetness of whiskey, the sharpness of gunpowder, and freshly cut grass. Well, it turns out that other folks liked those memories too. 

Hence the birth of Outlaw Soaps & Personal Care Products, inspired by real life and crafted right here in the USA in a workshop in Sparks, Nevada. If that is not enough bragging rights, all of their unisex products are made with natural, sustainable, cruelty-free ingredients and packaging approved by Whole Foods.

Simply Amazing Boutique is proud to provide a selection of these rugged soaps, body washes, and lotions aptly named Blazing Saddles, Calamity Jane, Fire in the Hole, The Gambler, Home on the Range, and Lust in the Dust. You really can’t go wrong, especially with a company motto confidently stating:

Live Outlaw - Wake up, Kick ass, Repeat!

Simply click HERE to jump-start those happy memories for yourself or the special father in your life. Either way, it’s an AMAZING win-win Father’s Day gift!

From your friends at Simply Amazing Boutique


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