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Tips on Giving Back During the Holidays

by Sandy Jankovich on December 01, 2022

When we think of holiday giving, it usually involves finding that perfect gift for a loved one or shopping online. But charitable giving during the holidays is also about giving back to your community. Here are some charitable giving ideas for the holidays that you and your family can take on to bring cheer to those who need it most.

Be extra generous with gratuities

Whether eating in or ordering for delivery from your favorite restaurant, having your hair cut or just picking up you coffee, giving a few extra dollars in the tip can really brighten the holidays for your server, delivery driver, hairstylist or favorite barista.

Visit or Video call friends & family who may be feeling lonely or isolated

Chances are you may know someone who would really appreciate a call or a visit during the holidays. Schedule a time with them and ask your kids to participate. Even a quick chat can really make a difference.

Contact your local animal shelter

Ask what kind of help is needed. They might be low on pet supplies, and picking out chew toys or making special treats from a recipe can be a fun activity for everyone in the family.

Donate food to local hospitals or firehouses

Those local heroes who have to work during the holidays will appreciate your effort. While you may not be able to donate homemade food, check your local hospital or firehouse to see what is accepted.

Take out the garbage cans or shovel snow for an elderly neighbor

Acts of kindness, especially when the cold weather sets in will be much appreciated for those who have limited mobility.

Write letters to military members

There are many organizations dedicated to creating meaningful engagements with our troops. Consider the programs offered by Operation Gratitude or Soldier’s Angels to support the military, veterans and their families.Also look for drives in your area that collect handwritten holiday cards to send to our troops. 

Random Acts of Kindness

Giving back isn’t necessarily about donating money and time. Sometimes it’s about spreading joy, one simple smile at a time. Here are some ways to do just that this holiday season:

  • Hang candy canes on neighbors' mailboxes.
  • Call or message someone from your past (such as a former teacher) to say thank you.
  • Pack stocking with toiletries, simple food essentials and warm socks then keep them in the car to hand out to those who find themselves homeless this time of year.
  • Clean out the toy box and take them to a shelter or non-profit organization.
  • Take a group to a nursing home to sing Christmas carols.                                                   

So, whether it's through donation or action, you can help someone whose spirits might need a little extra lifting this holiday season. While the current needs in the world or just your community may seem overwhelming to think that your individual efforts can make a difference, know this: they can.

Let’s go spread that Christmas cheer!




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